Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe

The first virtual universe - with a real cash economy

Entropia Universe is an awesome, free game only available for Windows, being part of the category PC games with subcategory Multiplayer. View full description

Entropia Universe is an awesome, free game only available for Windows, being part of the category PC games with subcategory Multiplayer.

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Since we added this game to our catalog in 2006, it has already achieved 9,684 downloads, and last week it achieved 9 downloads.

Entropia Universe is a game that will require less free space than most games in the section PC games. It's a game very heavily used in some countries such as Georgia, Russian Federation, and Philippines.

The current version of the game is not available and was updated on 2/08/2006. This software is available for users with the operating system Windows 2000 and former versions, and it is only available in English.

The Entropia Universe is more than a game. The Entropia Universe is for real. Real people, real activities and a Real Cash Economy in a massive online universe. Join people from around the globe who use the Entropia Universe currency, the PED, to develop their characters everyday on the untamed planet of Calypso. The unique and secure Real Cash Economy allows you to transfer your accumulated PED back into real world funds. Online around the clock for decades to come, the Entropia Universe is continually enhanced with new content every month and supported by the Entropia Universe Support Department.

The Entropia Universe is a massive online Virtual Universe. Set in a distant Sci-Fi future, participants assume the roles of colonists who must develop the untamed planet of Calypso. Populated with fierce and dangerous creatures, the perilous wilderness on Calypso is also rich in minerals and ore, both of which can be a lucrative source of income for would-be colonists.

The Real Cash Economy means that the Entropia Universe currency, the PED, is connected to the real world economy through a fixed exchange rate with the US dollar, where 10 PED = 1US$.

The PED currency allows participants to acquire virtual land and equipment in order to develop their virtual character (avatar) inside the Virtual Universe. The outposts, cities and auction on the planet Calypso serve as trading hubs where virtual items such as tools, weapons and minerals are bought and sold by colonists. The wide range of professions available to colonists makes the accumulation of skills and resources a lively business on Calypso. All your economic data is securely contained in your own personal account and withdrawals of your accumulated funds can be easily made according to the exchange rate mentioned above.

Entropia Universe


Entropia Universe

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    "I play it!"

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  • cookee

    by cookee

    "Entropia Universe"

    The program download is about 1gig, so it took me three hours to download it at basic DSL rate. Once downloaded, the...   More.